The State of NFT Collecting: A Collectors’ Perspective

We currently find ourselves in a sustainable bubble. “What does that even mean?”, you might ask. Or, you might say, “That sounds like an oxymoron.” Perhaps, yes, but we will not be discussing this topic currently.

Rather, we will be discussing Collector preferences as it pertains to NFT editions, specifically, the topics of quantity versus scarcity.

Crypto time moves fast. CryptoArt time moves even faster.

Let’s face it, Collectors prefer scarce digital collectibles.

The idea of excess dilutes value because the perceived difficulty of attainability is minimized or eliminated. As such, the psychological and emotional reactions to wanting that which only a select few may have — scarcity — are triggered. Suddenly, when an insufficient quantity are in existence, primal instincts are triggered. People will fight to possess such items, may that be food like in the prehistoric era or PS5s like in our current era.

The idea of scarcity tugs at two psychological emotions — envy and jealousy. These are two strong, almost overwhelming emotions. In fact, they may create obsessions.

Currently, the NFT is expanding at an exponential rate. Whereas once upon a time it was easy to click and get an edition of 10 on a platform, these days — with the proliferation of bots and methods of “hacking the system,” aka cheating — obtaining an edition of 10 or even 100 is considered an urban legend. A myth.

Welcome the Artvatars Project

The Artvatars project aims to provide a solution for the current state of NFT collecting through innovation.

Conceived by dear collector and long-time supporter of the space, MantaXR, the Artvatars project brings together over 60 of the best CryptoArtists to form one of the largest collaborations.

Through the use of Artificial Intelligence and a proprietary technology, the AI algorithm will generate unique Artvatars from the artworks provided by all the artists. So, how exactly does this work?

Each artist has created one or two artworks. Our proprietary AI algorithm collects the art and splices the works into distinct components. Then, upon purchase, the algorithm randomly picks a part from each pool of components thereby generating rare Artvatars for each collector. Because the combinations are endless, Artvatars are rare, unique, 1/1 NFTs created by the best CryptoArtists from around the globe. Cool, huh?

To add further innovation, Artvatars will be the first art project to run on Ethereum Layer-2. Specifically, Artvatars will run on Polygon, formerly known as Matic network. This novel approach brings added value and benefits to collectors.

The Artvatars project will relieve collectors of the current existing pain points — slow transaction speeds and high gas costs — with NFT collecting caused by the Ethereum network. Essentially, because Artvatars will exist on an Ethereum Layer-2 solution, Artvatars will produce a positive experience for our community by facilitating a fast and efficient transaction while eliminating fees for the collector.

In essence, this means the collector gets to keep more of his/her money. Or, more significantly, because the collector did not spend what would have been “gas money,” the collector now has more purchasing power to — of course — buy more Artvatars!

Artvatars Logo

In conclusion, we are extremely excited about the innovative project that Artvatars has formulated and look forward to growing our community. For more information, find us on our social media channels provided below.

Lastly, only 20,000 Artvatars will ever exist. Once they’re gone, they are gone!

By: Hernán Ortiz|Artvatars

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