You asked for a meme contest and we listened. Here you go!

We are happy to announce that Artvatars is launching a meme contest for the community beginning Thursday, March 25.

To participate in this contest, you will need a Twitter account. Twitter will be our source for submission. If you do not have one, make sure to create one.

The winning meme will win a Golden Ticket redeemable for one of the very first Artvatars with a number under 25. Don’t know about Artvatars yet? Read about us and quickly inform yourself here: #readmenow.

The deadline to submit your meme for the Artvatars Meme Contest is Monday, March 29 at 8 PM EST.

How To Enter The Artvatars Meme Contest

Step 1: Make an Artvatars meme.
Step 2: Add the Artvatars logo or text to the meme.
Step 3: Post your Artvatars meme on Twitter — tag our Twitter account @artvatars AND add the hashtag #artvatars

Note: Step 3 is important. So, make sure to tag our twitter account AND use the hashtag. This way you actually enter the contest and we actually see it!

There is no limit on how many Artvatars memes you can submit for this contest. However, quality over quantity is always a good mantra to follow. Below is a sample Artvatars meme submission tweet for you to follow:

Check out my @artvatars meme for the contest….wish me luck! #artvatars

We want to thank our community member, @TheMontiCrypto, for starting us off!! Great job with this one!

Here is the Artvatars logo for your use:

Artvatars logo

The winning meme will be chosen by @MantaXR and announced next week. Good luck to everyone and thank you for being THE BEST micro CryptoArt community we know!

by: The Artvatars team

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