You asked for a meme contest and we listened. Here you go!

We are happy to announce that Artvatars is launching a meme contest for the community beginning Thursday, March 25.

To participate in this contest, you will need a Twitter account. Twitter will be our source for submission. If you do not have one, make sure to create one.

The winning meme will win a Golden Ticket redeemable for one of the very first Artvatars with a number under 25. Don’t know about Artvatars yet? Read about us and quickly inform yourself here: #readmenow.

The deadline to submit your…

We currently find ourselves in a sustainable bubble. “What does that even mean?”, you might ask. Or, you might say, “That sounds like an oxymoron.” Perhaps, yes, but we will not be discussing this topic currently.

Rather, we will be discussing Collector preferences as it pertains to NFT editions, specifically, the topics of quantity versus scarcity.

Crypto time moves fast. CryptoArt time moves even faster.

Let’s face it, Collectors prefer scarce digital collectibles.

The idea of excess dilutes value because the perceived difficulty of attainability is minimized or eliminated. As such, the psychological and emotional reactions to wanting that which…


AI generated Single Editions artworks from over 60 of the world's best crypto artists

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